• Another week, another dev update

    Since last week, we have: Implemented WASD movement. We know, how the hell did we move before? Implemented jumping Changed shooting mechanics: Your shots now hit where you expect them […]

  • This weeks development

    So its been a week since the last update, and its overdue for a new post.  Since the last blogpost, we have made some progress: Added basic human NPC behaviour […]

  • The story of a start.

    First entry! Pushing the ‘New Project’ button in Unity is usually a scary thing to do. So much to do, so many decisions to make! However in our case we […]

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Note: You might get Anti virus warnings from the .exe file on Windows-platform. Do not worry though: its just we can't yet properly sign the .exe file the 'right' way - this will be fixed in the future.


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