Absurdity DevBlog: Laggy killstreaks, animationless KICKING and combat text.

3 Weeks no update! Highly highly absurd. Unacceptable almost!! 

Also new builds for the game available at the main page:
www.absurditygamestudio.com <3 <3<3 

We call it:
I am an Alien

Since the last post we have been working on many things! 

  • Simple killstreak system, so when you kill an enemy you can build up a killstreak – yielding more xp the longer the streak lasts!
  • Fixed bugs with NPC dialogue / shopping dialogue not always showing up.
  • Started prototyping a Map / Minimap system.
  • Kicking of Enemies ( All games should have this goddamnit!! We sure as %_=!”* will!! )
  • Improved Aiming and basic swimming.
  • Made it impossible ( or rather really hard ) to jump up steep terrain / mountainous terrain.
  • Added a simple XP / Level-system for the player.
  • Simple Melee combat ( by pressing ‘Q’), can punch 3-D objects to make ’em fly using physics.

We are excited to see progress being made!! WOWO.

And we were quite energic during our last meeting where we discussed our next steps forward:

– Make the AI much more interesting and violent – frankly absurd at times. Do absurd things. ( Looking forward to actually playing when this feature is DONE ).
– Add some kind of silly enemy which has a sillily huge fertility rate.
– Some sort of gravitation manipulating device ( yes we know its been done before, but it needs to be done many times again, since its such an excellent feature.   )


Hope you’re fine 🙂 😉  Here are a couple of screenshots.

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Download Latest build

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Alpha (0.6.2)

30th of August 2018


Note: You might get Anti virus warnings from the .exe file on Windows-platform. Do not worry though: its just we can't yet properly sign the .exe file the 'right' way - this will be fixed in the future.


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