Another week, another dev update

Since last week, we have:

  • Implemented WASD movement. We know, how the hell did we move before?
  • Implemented jumping
  • Changed shooting mechanics:
    • Your shots now hit where you expect them to, because ‘Raycasting’ is used instead of pure physics.
    • You can now do satisfying headshots, because of a new locationbased damagesystem. 
  • Minor bugfixes

This week, we’re mainly working on an inventory system and a cool killstreak system.
See you in a week!


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Download Latest build

(direct link)

Alpha (0.6.2)

30th of August 2018


Note: You might get Anti virus warnings from the .exe file on Windows-platform. Do not worry though: its just we can't yet properly sign the .exe file the 'right' way - this will be fixed in the future.


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