This weeks development

So its been a week since the last update, and its overdue for a new post. 

Since the last blogpost, we have made some progress:

  • Added basic human NPC behaviour
  • Added basic mission functionality
  • Added stamina functionality
  • Zombies now follow you if you have the flashlight on within their sight range. 
  • Zombies now hear you shooting if within their range, and moves towards the position the shot was fired

On the more organizational side, the team as a whole has also agreed upon some basic functionality that is to be implemented: 

  • Setting 
  • Art style
  • Inventory 
  • Skills

All of these will be more fleshed out in the future, but we have a foundation to build upon.

So, whats next? 

In the short term, we will focus on these tasks: 

  • Continue on improving the AI
  • Improve shooting mechanics
  • Make physics feel ‘right’
  • Create a new starting scene with homemade models, fitting to the new setting we agreed upon.  

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Download Latest build

(direct link)

Alpha (0.6.2)

30th of August 2018


Note: You might get Anti virus warnings from the .exe file on Windows-platform. Do not worry though: its just we can't yet properly sign the .exe file the 'right' way - this will be fixed in the future.


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