The story of a start.

First entry!

Pushing the ‘New Project’ button in Unity is usually a scary thing to do. So much to do, so many decisions to make!

However in our case we just decided to just sit down and follow the heart until something’s on the screen.

After the first day the project looked like this:

The red things over the characters heads are actually healthbars. Stubborn as I was had the idea that it might be an innovation in how to display health bars, however with time we came to the conclusion it was annoying as fuck + it cost enormous amounts of performance, so it was removed.

At this point it was impossible to even be hit by the zombies.

There was music though, a metaly tune to raise the levels of aggression in ones mind while developing.

This music was removed at a later point to make way for a more positive uplifting piece of music ( which probably will be removed / refined at some point after some short discussions with the ‘mazing core-team of silly … good-for-everythings )


After 5 days this is what we were looking at:

Going from 0 to this in 5 days is not bad, it really fuels the moral intensely. Okay if this is possible within 5 days, what is possible within 5 months?

So thats kind of the drive in this project, we don’t really now what we are doing, though there is some sense of direction and energy and we are very excited to see where this goes.

Please ask questions about the process and how we work and think, if you have any. Always interesting to melt minds with other curious people like perhaps yourself!


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Download Latest build

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Alpha (0.6.2)

30th of August 2018


Note: You might get Anti virus warnings from the .exe file on Windows-platform. Do not worry though: its just we can't yet properly sign the .exe file the 'right' way - this will be fixed in the future.


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